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Fayetteville’s Local Computer Experts

Silver Knight PCs is your local expert for high-performance computer solutions at rock bottom prices. We are a computer store in Fayetteville, NC, with everything you need to build a fully functional computer constructed to fit your required specifications.
We also provide a three-year warranty on our products. Whether you’re shopping for specific parts or have any questions about our services, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Visit our store today to get started!

Fayetteville’s Local Computer Experts

Here at Silver Knight PCs, we forge everything we make with precision. Whether you’re building a custom computer from scratch or need your existing computer upgraded, our technicians are here to make your dream computer a reality.
When you visit our shop, our representatives will take the time to understand your needs. Once we do that, we’ll provide recommendations for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Our Computer Store Helps With:

You can check out our custom builds and parts by visiting our website today. Click the button below to learn more!

Custom Builds & Parts

Component Trade-in/Buyback Program

If you’re looking to cash in on functional components or previous products you’ve bought from Silver Knight PCs, we offer a program for you. Trade in your computer products today!


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